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Department of Industrial Design

Chien-Hui Weng Chair / Assistant Professor

PhD Degree of Architecture, Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Chiao Tung University Master degree of Art, History and theory program, Architectural Association school of Architecture


Research Interests: Creativity Study / Architectural History / Interior Design / Digital Architecture

Phone No.: 03-5186661

Curriculum Vitae: More


Sz-Chwun John Hwang  Professor

Ph.D. from Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa (Iowa City) / M.S. from the Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University


Research Interests: Green Design (LCA) / Design for Resources Recovery Products / Green materials processing and manufacturing / Smart Products

Phone No.: 886-3-5186724

Curriculum Vitae: More


Chia-Chi Tu Associate Professor

Master of Arts, Eastern Michigan University U.S.A.
Major in Metal art creation, Jewelry design

Email: /

Research Interests: Product creative design and innovation / Jewelry design / Metal art / Brand planning 

Phone No.: 03-5186749

Curriculum Vitae: More


Tian-Yow Chern  Associate Professor

Dr.-Ing., University of Kassel, Germany


Research Interests:  Architectural Design / Modern Architecture / Architectural History

Phone No.: 0952824191

Curriculum Vitae: More


Hua-lun Li  Associate Professor

PhD: Purdue University  


Research Interests: computer-aided design / geometry and bionic design

Phone No.: 03-5186423

Curriculum Vitae: More


Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology  


Research Interests: Digital Art / Interactive Installation / Computer-aided Design / Architectural Design

Phone No.: 0911331196

Curriculum Vitae: More


Po-Ching Liao Assistant Professor

IM Master program in Design Academy Eindhoven (Droog Design) 


Research Interests: industrial product design

Phone No.: 03-5186712

Curriculum Vitae: More